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Taste of tradition

The "sweet" tradition of our family begins in 1928 in Vienna. After having collected several experiences in various Italian cities, in 1951 our grandfather Matteo opened the Bar Commercio, a coffee-ice cream parlor in the main market square of Jesolo.

Ever since, his son Riccardo followed the tradition of the icemakers from the famous Valzoldana and also our maternal great-grandfather, Giobatta Brustolon, left his popular mountains to start his ice cream business abroad.

Taste of tradition



Our experience is therefore marked by a strong family tradition and by old crafts and recipes together with a constant search for first quality raw materials.



Only high quality products

Our ice creams are daily prepared by using only natural products: eggs, milk, cream, fresh fruits and first quality semi-finished products.

Only high quality products


An old tradition which has the pureness of raw materials as a main pillar.

Artisanal Ice Cream

Accurate preservation of ancient techniques as well as the value of rigorous craftsmanship.


In our ice cream we’ve always used vertical batch freezers that allow to minimize the presence of air in the ice cream.

Raw Material

Our philosophy: to transform high quality raw materials into ice cream.


Only selected fresh fruits to let you discover the taste of nature in the ice cream.


Fruit ice cream represents the ultimate expression of Riccardo’s mood.


Few ingredients, expertly blended, for an excellent result.


To taste our ice cream means to rediscover the pleasure of good things.


Our product is the answer to the flattening and generalization of tastes.


The result of our work: an outstanding product.

La Cassata Lovat

From an ancient recipe of the Lovat family, Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, coffee and cream semifreddo

Taste a piece of history

Our famous "Cassata" was born in 1951 from the masterly hands of our grandfather Matteo. Riccardo is carrying on the tradition with the same passion, making the cassata as "the" icecream that stands to represent the Gelateria Lovat par excellence.

Caffè Speciali

Tasteful coffee-based creations.

Teas & Herbal teas

"Take your time", our range of teas and herbal teas for a physical and mental wellbeing.

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Gelateria Lovat

1° Maggio Square
30016 Jesolo — Venice — Italy

Summer: Open from 7am until 1am
Winter: Open from 7am until 10pm

From October to May we are closed on Wednesday

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